Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Natalia Kuznetsova Retires from Bodybuilding, Continues to Punish Evildoers as Secret Superhero

I am not going to lie, I thought for sure these photos of Natalia Kuznetsova were totally fake but we did track down a few videos of this specimen in action in her natural habitat and she is a very real champion in the bodybuilding world -  This woman is amazing! Not only should Russia be proud, but the humans of planet earth. If we are ever visited by little grey aliens, I believe Natalia should be our planetary ambassador. 

Natalia Kuznetsova
Natalia Kuznetsova

Natalia Kuznetsova
Natalia Kuznetsova

Natalia Kuznetsova
Natalia Kuznetsova

Natalia Kuznetsova Bicep Workout Video:

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Using Insane Artificial Intelligence to Drift "Normal" Race Cars

I know that headline doesn't make any sense, but watch the video below. Friend of StrangeNewsVideo Alex Burnett is the stunt driver betting it all on this amazing technology; See it for yourself!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

High Speed Trains and Deep Snow Make National News!

Although some trains are outfitted specifically for snow-removal performance in harsh and snowy environments, others in more civilized areas can achieve the same result simply by multiplying their mass by their speed... Every once in a while, this happens in VERY close proximity to humans!

In the footage below, Craig Oleszewski gets AMAZING footage of an Amtrak Train in Rhinecliff, NY as it barrels into deep snow at the station surprising commuters (to say the least):

For the record, this not 'how it's done' as a practice of snow removal on the rails... Many trains in areas where deep snows are expected actually have special service engines with massive plows and even huge turbine-like snow-blowers to make the rails safe for travel - Here is one train enthusiast's complication of major locomotive snow removal tools in action:

In the meantime, you'll assuredly see the Rhinecliff footage tonight on cable news and this writer bets there will be no shortage of lawsuits for those working stiffs on the platform!

"Bon Iver" (Good Winter)!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The True Story Behind the Angry Elephant

The elephant in the video was named "Kalidassan" and began to rampage while part of a 12 elephant group a parade route in India.

Kalidassan the Elephant

The elephant attack video was captured by a witness and distributed by Caters News:

“The elephants are decorated with beautiful caparisons and made to parade for as long as 10 kilometers [6 miles] on a single day of festival, carrying effigies of deities amid noise of orchestra and fireworks that sometimes agitate the highly-sensitive animals and result in such incidents.”

The elephant did survive, though the rampage lasted 4 hours and ended with multiple tranquilizers from "Animal Squad".

Here is the original video (1x speed):

This is the second time an elephant has rampaged in India in a month; all in all as many as 300 people a year are killed by elephants in Inida.

Advocates for elephant protection are urged to explore "Gods in Shackles" to learn more about the plight of elephants in captivity.