Thursday, January 12, 2017

The True Story Behind the Angry Elephant

The elephant in the video was named "Kalidassan" and began to rampage while part of a 12 elephant group a parade route in India.

Kalidassan the Elephant

The elephant attack video was captured by a witness and distributed by Caters News:

“The elephants are decorated with beautiful caparisons and made to parade for as long as 10 kilometers [6 miles] on a single day of festival, carrying effigies of deities amid noise of orchestra and fireworks that sometimes agitate the highly-sensitive animals and result in such incidents.”

The elephant did survive, though the rampage lasted 4 hours and ended with multiple tranquilizers from "Animal Squad".

Here is the original video (1x speed):

This is the second time an elephant has rampaged in India in a month; all in all as many as 300 people a year are killed by elephants in Inida.

Advocates for elephant protection are urged to explore "Gods in Shackles" to learn more about the plight of elephants in captivity.