Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unemployed Compete in Their Own "Olympics"

New Yorkers gathered for an unusual olympiad Tuesday the first ever Unemployment Olympics Participants were required to show proof of unemployment to compete March 31

Cyber funerals

Cumberland funeral home offers live webcasts during funerals Webcast can bring a funeral service to anyone in the world

Retired Cop: Robbed by 'Stupid Criminal'

A Harrisburg Pennsylvania man is accused of robbing a retired police officer at gunpoint inside a hotel that was hosting a police seminar March 31

Free flight cargo

Free flight cargo

Monday, March 30, 2009

Spear Removed From Man's Head

Surgeons successfully removed a 6-inch section of a fishing spear from the brain of a man who was struck while diving off the coast of Rio de Janeiro doctors said Sunday March 30

Lights seen, explosion heard Sunday night

There are lots of opinions about what it was but no concensus The truth is out there

mystery in the sky

mystery in the sky katie collett midday live shot

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Unknown light and loud boom over Hampton Roads

A light in the sky and a loud exposion around 9 45pm was reported Sunday night Reports range from Maryland all the way to North Carolina

Off duty officer robbed

Criminal chooses police conference for victims

Unidentified Lights Prompt 911 Calls

A team of scientists is looking into what could have caused bright lights in the sky that prompted hundreds of calls to the National Weather Service and emergency officials 160 911 calls came in from around Maryland and Virginia about the lights and in some cases they even stopped traffic

Thousands of Toxic Toads Killed in Australia

Thousands of poisonous cane toads met their fate Sunday as gleeful Australians gathered for a celebratory mass killing of the hated amphibians with many of the creatures corpses being turned into fertilizer March 29

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Investing smart in the recession

Paul Schatz President and CEO of Heritage Capital in Woodbridge was here this morning to talk about the latest details on the economic stimulus package and what it means for investors

Friday, March 27, 2009

Raw 40-foot Lobster Gets New Home

A 40 foot-long replica of a female spiny lobster was transported to a new home at an open-air artists colony in Islamorada Florida The giant crustacean will perhaps become a new landmark for tourists there March 27

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Giant Train Set Becoming Major Tourist Draw

It s billed as the world s largest model train set a miniature world that snakes along eight miles of track amid fields cities even the snowcapped Swiss Alps And it s quickly becoming one of Germany s biggest tourist attractions March 26

Man Creates Prosthetic USB-Drive Finger

A Finnish computer engineer who lost one of his fingers in a motorcycle accident has installed a USB drive in his prosthetic finger

Very Early Photo of NYC to Be Sold

Photo showing Manhattan as an open countryside is going up for sale at Sotheby s March 26

Raw 2 Rare Clouded Leopard Cubs

Two rare and endangered clouded leopard cubs are being taken care of at a National Zoo facility in northern Virginia The whiskered cubs were born Tuesday the first such births there in 16 years March 26

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Woman lived with dead mom's body

Police say 61 year old Penelope Jordan lived with her dead mother in order to collect her social security checks

Easter Williams: Nobody's Cleaning Up Rotten Body Odor

Residents want rotten body odor cleaned up

Parrot called hero after saving choking child

It s an unusual story that will be told for years to come A life-saving parrot was honored today in Colorado

First Person: Tiny Monkey Makes Zoo Debut

Staff at a Sydney zoo have been showing off the first Francois Langur monkey to be born in Australia Small enough to sit in the palm of her keeper s hand and with bright orange fur five-day-old Elke had been rejected by her mother March 24

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meet the "Lion Whisperer"

He s called the lion whisperer but critics call him crazy Kevin Richardson plays with lions like the way one would play with their pet kittens at home Emma Hurd has the video report

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Foxy Lady Job Fair

Foxy Lady Job Fair

TV personality's husband rocks SXSW

Rachael Ray s husband John Cusimano lit up the stage Saturday

Friday, March 20, 2009

Uncle could move out of state

Uncle could move out of state

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Killer Spider in Aisle 5

Employees at an Oklahoma grocery store have found a dangerous spider in a shipment of bananas March 19

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Urban Ballet, Known As Parkour, Gains Followers

If running up and over obstacles including concrete walls and railings sounds like fun you could be a traceur practicing Parkour

Trick to Hypnosis

Imagine losing weight because someone SUGGESTS you do it Tonight in our special feature andamp quot Trick to Hypnosisandamp quot Our Amber Schatz introduces us to a man who s been doing just that for more than 20 years It sounds pretty unrealistic Finally being able to lose weight because someone simply suggests you do it But Hypnotist Scott McFall says it s about reframing your mind to fixate on what you want rather than what you re trying to get rid of NATS 11 00 andamp quot Is it alright with you to relax one thousand times more than usual andamp quot While he helps people to quit certain habits like smoking or chewing their nails weight loss is the number one requested concern among people who go to hypnotist Scott McFall for help 6 29 Scott McFall andamp quot I didn t have a dieter in 20 years who didn t know what should be doing when they got there andamp quot And surprise He says the solution doesn t have anything to do with a magic wand or making people bark like a dog if they eat too much 6 25 McFall andamp quot You re being hypnotized to eat right and exercise you re not being hypnotized to magically be skinnier andamp quot So how does it work McFall says too many people analyze their problems In his sessions He suggests focusing on the solution 3 12 McFall andamp quot That s really the magic to quit analyzing what was already happening and put your mind in a place where you re imagining the solution instead of debating what already happened andamp quot For Candace Richter The solution was losing 58 pounds Richter 2 02 andamp quot I had tried Weight Watchers Richard Simmons Walking andamp quot Three years ago Candace weighed in at 200 pounds But now She s McFall s poster child for a weight loss hypnosis success story Candace 2 54 andamp quot You have to start here before do everything else if you don t change mindset nothing else is going to change andamp quot She describes hypnosis as a chance to reframe your mind to make positive lifestyle changes Candace 4 28 4 40 andamp quot People think it s some kind of voodoo thing and it s not andamp quot You remember everything you ve done it s just a relaxed state of mind that makes you focus and are able to take suggestion andamp quot She went from being a self-proclaimed andamp quot buffet queenandamp quot to a healthy lifestyle junkie Richter 5 25 andamp quot I used to hate looking in the mirror now when I look in the mirror it s like unwrapping a andamp lt a href andamp quot http www kxnet com t christmasandamp quot class andamp quot kxInlineLinkandamp quot andamp gt Christmasandamp lt aandamp gt gift every day andamp quot But that s not to say she didn t work for it Candace works out around six hours a week and cut out fast food And she still sees Scott if she needs to Scott McFall 5 25 5 15 andamp quot Hypnosis doesn t make anybody do anything andamp quot andamp quot The hypnosis is just a way to teach or learn or grow andamp quot While some people find great success Hypnosis isn t for everyone Something Scott does in his initial meeting is test how well you can take directions Tom and Lauren And as with most things You should check with your doctor to see if hypnosis is right for you For more information on Scott you can check out this website Or call 250-9290

Monday, March 16, 2009

First Person: Foot Massage Gains Toehold

It is the latest Southern California craze the Chinese foot massage A sprawling suburban area just east of Los Angeles is becoming known as the foot-massage capital of the country March 4

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Man walks again after spider bite

A California man is walking again after being bitten by a brown recluse spider

Shuttle Discovery successfully launches into space

Shuttle Discovery successfully blasted off Sunday evening heading for the International Space Station

Travel at ABIA still flying high

Despite the rough economy Bergstrom airport is seeing their normal spring break surge in travelers

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Raw Cuban Athlete Bounces to New Record

Cuban athlete Erick Hernandez bounced a soccer ball on his thigh for one hour 28 minutes and six seconds beating his previous 2007 record by almost three minutes March 15

Zombies are back in Austin

The late night party-goers are not the only ones walking around like they re the living dead at this year s South by Southwest Festival

Friday, March 13, 2009

Raw Man Attacks Shark?

Spear fisherman Craig Clasen is claiming he fought and killed a 12-foot tiger shark during a struggle last year in the Gulf of Mexico He has provided this video of the encounter March 13

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mystery Sculptures in Rock Creek Park

In a place that a lot of people cherish a mystery artist has found an empty canvas Sculptures are popping up in Rock Creek Park In fact they re right in the middle of the creek itself


March 12 Wx 4pm

Raw Monkeys Floss, With Human Hair

Mother monkeys in Thailand are apparently teaching their infants how to clean their teeth using human hairs flossing the same way humans do March 12

Itchy Takes Over As Morning Show Producer

Jason s cat Itchy takes a seat at the news control board as the morning show s newest producer

CJC Employee Cheers on Namesake

Anoop Desai is a name American Idol viewers know very well Desai was panned last night by judges for his rendition of Michael Jackson s Beat It but at least one fan at the Shelby County Criminal Justice Complex hopes Anoop makes it all the way to the finals His name that is right there is at least one other Anoop Desai and IT Technician who works at the CJC 160

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ben Cook Trying To Regain World Title

The country s fastest texter is in Philadelphia showing off his skills

Eyeborg: Eye Socket Camera Coming to Humans

Rob Spence damaged his eye in a shooting accident as a child Three years ago he had it removed Next month the documentary filmmaker who goes by the name Eyeborg will have an eye socket camera installed March 11

Nation's Record Keeper Goes 'big'

From shoes to bathtubs the National Archives in Washington DC is putting some of its largest pieces on display Not only are the items physically big some of them hold great historical or cultural significance March 11

Gravestones Found on Potomac's Edge

Dozens of cemetery headstones are scattered along the Potomac River s edge Most of them dated back to the early 1900s There was one stone marked 1893 Some of the markers were covered deep in mud 160 FOX 5 Invesigates how they got there

Meteorite found

A dog helps out finding a meteorite

Preston & Steve Skype With 'Good Day'

Preston amp Steve from WMMR join Good Day Philadelphia to chat about a local pet store that got an unexpected delivery a St Patrick s Day party and other topics

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Colonel Sanders Statue Found

Osaka Recovers Colonel Sanders Statue After 24 Years in a River Asia Morning Call

Japanese Market Update - Resona's Capital Status, Colonel Sanders Found

Resona Repaying 1 18 Billion to Government by March 13 Overtakes Mizuho in Market Cap Size Osaka Recovers Colonel Sanders After Twenty-Four Years in a River

Maple Syrup Prices on the Rise

Shrinking Supply and Rising Demand Lifting Prices of Maple Syrup Almost 50 Over Last Year Bloomberg News

Monday, March 9, 2009

KRQE News 13 at 5:30 p.m. March 9, 2009

In this newscast Woman seriously hurt in collision with train Torrance County raiding meth labs

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cell jammer

Cell jammer

Raw Conch Contest in Fla.

The 47th annual Conch Shell Blowing Contest drew several dozen contestants to Key West Florida this weekend The contest attracted hopeful conch honkers ranging from toddlers to seniors March 9

San Diego Zoo Debuts Baby Gorilla

The public is getting its first look at a baby western lowland gorilla at the San Diego Zoo Frank was born at the zoo in September and introduced to the public on Friday March 8

Friday, March 6, 2009

Are We Alone

Are We Alone

Meet One Ugly Cat

Poor little guy Uggs the cat is just plain ugly It s OK though this cat is drawing major attention and he s getting lots of love

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Octopus gets "boxed in" at aquarium

What is 7-feet-long weighs 30 pounds has eight arms and fits in a 14-inch square box

PSU gets piece of meteorite

PSU gets piece of meteorite

Students Celebrate Green Beer Day

It s not St Patrick s Day yet but the partying has already begun near Miami University in Oxford Ohio Students are celebrating Green Beer Day

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Contoversial sign follow-up

The unpopular sign has been vandalized

Erin's Wednesday Forecast at 5:00 PM

Erin s Wednesday Forecast at 5 00 PM

Raw Man Survives Truck, Train Collision

Security camera footage in Turkey shows a train ramming into a flat-bed truck which then sweeps over a man who survives only with minor injuries March 4

McNuggets 911

McNuggets 911

Arizona Allergy Myths

Many people believe that since we live in the desert we don t have allergies but that s not necessarily true

Monday, March 2, 2009

Scientists help FBI in DB Cooper investigation

A team of scientists are helping the Seattle FBI trying to find new evidence that will lead to one of the Northwest s most notorious fugitives KING 5 s Chris Ingalls reports

100-year-old still competing

Frank Farrington may be up in years but he still has the zest of a teenager 160 He s giving his fellow seniors a run for their money at this year s Polk Senior Games

This Video Is No Longer Available

This video is no longer available

Couch surfing

Couch surfing

The Morning Buzz

Panda School Teaches Cubs

Kindergarten isn t just for kids Thirteen baby pandas are attending school in China While it s not your typical classroom the Ya an Giant Panda Reserve is teaching panda cubs an important lesson -- how to live independently

Sunday, March 1, 2009

baby pandas

baby pandas