Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trick to Hypnosis

Imagine losing weight because someone SUGGESTS you do it Tonight in our special feature andamp quot Trick to Hypnosisandamp quot Our Amber Schatz introduces us to a man who s been doing just that for more than 20 years It sounds pretty unrealistic Finally being able to lose weight because someone simply suggests you do it But Hypnotist Scott McFall says it s about reframing your mind to fixate on what you want rather than what you re trying to get rid of NATS 11 00 andamp quot Is it alright with you to relax one thousand times more than usual andamp quot While he helps people to quit certain habits like smoking or chewing their nails weight loss is the number one requested concern among people who go to hypnotist Scott McFall for help 6 29 Scott McFall andamp quot I didn t have a dieter in 20 years who didn t know what should be doing when they got there andamp quot And surprise He says the solution doesn t have anything to do with a magic wand or making people bark like a dog if they eat too much 6 25 McFall andamp quot You re being hypnotized to eat right and exercise you re not being hypnotized to magically be skinnier andamp quot So how does it work McFall says too many people analyze their problems In his sessions He suggests focusing on the solution 3 12 McFall andamp quot That s really the magic to quit analyzing what was already happening and put your mind in a place where you re imagining the solution instead of debating what already happened andamp quot For Candace Richter The solution was losing 58 pounds Richter 2 02 andamp quot I had tried Weight Watchers Richard Simmons Walking andamp quot Three years ago Candace weighed in at 200 pounds But now She s McFall s poster child for a weight loss hypnosis success story Candace 2 54 andamp quot You have to start here before do everything else if you don t change mindset nothing else is going to change andamp quot She describes hypnosis as a chance to reframe your mind to make positive lifestyle changes Candace 4 28 4 40 andamp quot People think it s some kind of voodoo thing and it s not andamp quot You remember everything you ve done it s just a relaxed state of mind that makes you focus and are able to take suggestion andamp quot She went from being a self-proclaimed andamp quot buffet queenandamp quot to a healthy lifestyle junkie Richter 5 25 andamp quot I used to hate looking in the mirror now when I look in the mirror it s like unwrapping a andamp lt a href andamp quot http www kxnet com t christmasandamp quot class andamp quot kxInlineLinkandamp quot andamp gt Christmasandamp lt aandamp gt gift every day andamp quot But that s not to say she didn t work for it Candace works out around six hours a week and cut out fast food And she still sees Scott if she needs to Scott McFall 5 25 5 15 andamp quot Hypnosis doesn t make anybody do anything andamp quot andamp quot The hypnosis is just a way to teach or learn or grow andamp quot While some people find great success Hypnosis isn t for everyone Something Scott does in his initial meeting is test how well you can take directions Tom and Lauren And as with most things You should check with your doctor to see if hypnosis is right for you For more information on Scott you can check out this website Or call 250-9290

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