Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April fools prank

Some Fargo students and administrators are in hot water with some angry parents after a prank over prom Good afternoon I am Sarah Gustin thanks for joining us The April Fools joke of prom being canceled at Fargo North High School spread quickly from teenagers to parents which led to countless complaints Hours after the prank started then ended school and district leaders still won t say much Some say this joke is already negative publicity Others say they re in enough trouble so they won t go on camera Reporter Travis Skonseng has more BYTE-Definitely a bigger reaction than we expected TRACK 1-Student Council President Kim Henze says she didn t mean to offend anyone But that s exactly what happened BYTE-We started brain storming ideas what we could do A prank we could pull on the school TRACK 2-The council made up of 30 students came up with the joke to cancel prom because of previous problems weeks ago BYTE-It was the most likely to get a reaction TRACK 3-Henze calls this time of year boring so she thought this would be fun The school s principals okayed the prank In fact it was the assistant principal who announced it on the intercom BYTE-They okayed it We got the exact words that we wanted said We got that approved and we just went through with it TRACK 4-The prank which was to last five hours only lasted one Stunned students mainly girls excited for the big night immediately told their parents Their parents then complained BYTE-It seemed like a lot of people were secretly texting TRACK 5-Senior Emily Beierle was excited to go to her first and last prom She still hadn t picked out a dress BYTE-and then when I found out it was a joke I didn t think it was funny either because so many people were like crying and really upset TRACK 6-Other students say the school administration has never pulled a prank before and this went too far BYTE-If they did it on April Fools Day I think it would have been kind of fair but today it s just like no no no no no TRACK 7-The prank is the talk of the halls Students and parents angry they had spent hundreds of dollars on dresses Now one of those students behind it says she d do it again BYTE-I think so but I think I might change the prank Maybe not as serious of one Principal would not go on camera saying this is the first time in 18 years he has said no to an interview School District leaders and two other Fargo North administrators declined an interview Prom will still go on April 24th

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't shoot the messenger

Don t shoot the messenger

Men Fleeing Ohio Police Jump Fence Into Prison

Cleveland-area police say a motorist fleeing officers abandoned his car and jumped a fence landing in what turned out to be a prison yard March 30

Monday, March 29, 2010

The first day of spring

The first day of spring

Another foot of snow

Another foot of snow

Pooches Raise a Paw to 'Doga'

Dogs can now join humans in a Seattle yoga studio aligning mind and body by doing doga March 29

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring delayed

Spring delayed

Ben wants to Know: April fools pranks

Ben Hague went out to the east side of Providence to find out what pranks local Rhode Islander s have planned for April Fools

Spring in Santa Fe

Spring in Santa Fe

Ind. Man Goes on 'Meat Attack' at Supermarket

An Indiana man is undergoing a mental evaluation after he went on a bizarre rampage inside a grocery store Authorities say he ran down the store s meat aisle ripping open packages of beef and throwing them on the floor March 28

Police: Intoxicated Driver Calls 911 on Herself

Police in Michigan have released a 911 call where a suspected drunken driver chats with an emergency dispatcher for about 20 minutes before she is pulled over and arrested The woman was issued a citation and faces up to 90 days in jail March 28

Friday, March 26, 2010

Aztec celebrates alien history

ufo s are often associated with roswell -- but this weekend -- a city in the four corners is also making its mark on alien research erisa nakano reports from aztec where the alien gathering is already underway people that want to go out to the crash site will be coming down this way it s not your typical hike this weekend -- people can take a walk -- to a site in aztec where some researchers say a u-f-o crashed in march of 1948 just nine months after the roswell incident it s a lot of fun i ve been interested in this since i was a teenager so it s fun to be involved it s a part of aztec s 13th annual u-f-o symposium researchers and visitors from across the countryare gathering -- to talk about the alleged alien encounters and sightings i thought it would be fun to come out here and see what we could see as far as what the ufo crash site is buying a ticket to the event -- helps raise money for the local library the event brings in about 5000- dollars each year people are welcome to come out and walk around

Dismembered giraffe mishap blamed on 'bad judgment'

officials are considering disciplinary action -- after the giraffe s body was dumped improperly kashka was euthanized eight days ago at the albuquerque bio- rk officials say zoo construction employees bagged kashka s dismembered body then one of them dumped the bag in a dumpster at the zoo it s protocol to take bodies of large animals to the landfill according to a third-party investigation -- there were several causes for the mis-hap it appears to me we have a series of things we have a series of miscommunications we have a series of bad judgements by individuals who work for the city and we have some long-standing protocol that needs to be fixed the employee reportedly asked a manager if he could leave kashka s body in a dumpster because no dump truck was available his manager told him -- and that he could place it the open top -- meaning he could take it to the landfill in the bed of pick-up truck but the employee thought the manager meant he could leave the body in an open dumpster officials say no one will be fired because this stemmed from a mis-understanding instead of insubordination

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Looks like a horse-head"

Looks like a horse-head

Coyote Nabbed in the Wilds of New York City

A coyote that evaded police for days ends up caught in a parking garage in New York March 25

Raw Dog Attacks Police Cruiser

Police in Chattanooga Tennessee have released dash cam video of a dog attacking the bumper of a police cruiser Thursday a judge released the dog from a shelter on good behavior and returned him to his owners March 25

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Perched on Roofs, Bodies Have People Gawking

A collection of 31 body casts placed on rooftop edges around New York City have people talking and gawking March 23

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's hard to concentrate

It s hard to concentrate

Old Man Winter won't go away

Old Man Winter won t go away

Bar-B-Que anyone?

Bar-B-Que anyone

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The culture in Steve's refrigerator

The culture in Steve s refrigerator

Road-trip woes

Road-trip woes

Thursday, March 18, 2010

K9s Work Fashion at Austin Hospital

What s a fashion show without impractical outfits There s the blonde bombshell and four one four-legged model giraffe is the new zebra

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leprechaun-dressed Suspect Killed in Robbery

Two bank robbery suspects including one dressed in a green leprechaun costume were shot dead after a St Patrick s Day chase and shootout with police in Tennessee authorities said March 18

Man Wakes Up in Bed With Alleged Burglar

Pittsburgh police say a man broke into a stranger s home and climbed in bed with the owner apparently because he was drunk and cold following a rap concert March 17

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heist nets $75 million in Lilly drugs

At Eli Lilly and Company security is tight and its presence is known on the corporate campus in Indianapolis But an overnight drug heist at an east coast distribution center has investigators trying to figure out who s behind the bold theft

London Landmarks Host the World's Smallest Pop-Up Hotel

March 16 Bloomberg -- Bloomberg s Simin Demokan reports on the world s smallest pop-up hotel which this week is travelling round London and parking at a different landmark each night

Bad Boy: Dog Bites Patrol Car, Lives

A dog in Tennessee takes a bite out of a police patrol car startling officers but living to wag his tail another day March 16

A Washing Machine That's Truly for the Dogs

Don t like the smell of your dog but can t face being scratched as you wrestle to wash your beloved pooch Well a company in Japan has the answer a dog wash March 16

Monday, March 15, 2010

$75 Million Worth Of Prescription Medication Stolen

ENFIELD -- Authorities say almost 75 million worth of prescription drugs were taken from the Eli-Lilly Corp in Enfield on Sunday

Weird News

World s Strongest chicken contest Harry the winner appeared at the Grandrud Dodge All Star Rodeo Contest in Wisconsin The world cheese championship also took place in Wisconsin More then 23 hundred types of cheese were entered The winner will be announced today Naked Cyclists took the streets of Lima Peru to protest against the car culture The goal is to make conditions safer for cyclists in Lima

See with your tongue

A ground-breaking device is helping the blind to see again using their tongues

Georgian TV Airs Report on Russian Invasion

Georgians panicked when a hoax television news program announced the Russian army had invaded and killed President Mikhail Saakashvili March 15

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Victim ID'ed: Police probe city's 2nd homicide in 24 hours

22News has new information on a brutal domestic homicide in the city

Springfield Police have identified the man found stabbed to death on Sunday afternoon at 73 Robert Dwyer Circle as 35-year-old Corey Melvin of Tyler Street

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Phoenix Lights a UFO Sighting?

It happened 13 years ago March 13 1997 Hundreds if not thousands of people called in to radio and TV stations to report something in the skies over Phoenix

St. Baldrick's Knighthood awarded

Max Perdue of Ashwaubenon became a member of the Knights of the Bald Table for shaving his head 7 years in a row

Celebration centers around power pole

you would think a dignitary was in valencia county today a quiet lot south of los lunas came alive with skydivers a parade a feast of mexican food and a mariachi singer misa maruyama joins us live to explain what was at the center of the celebration in this polarizing time -- there s nothing like a neighborhood party to bring people together especially when you have something really special to celebrate approximately four minutes oh cool oh wow skydivers over valencia county yay oh my god slow down this stunt man pulls it together wow perfect landing and he must because today he s honoring a special guest everybody over here we re going to bless the power pole and start this celebration that s right a power pole we had a tough time getting a power pole and we waited and waited and waited if you call a long wait two months they may not be the most patient couple -- but these folks know how to hatch a plan they had to get juice to the property before they could build their home so they decided to put the pressure on once we said we re having a celebration on the 13th of march high noon and voila they got the pole what s a pole party without a parade and a horse it was mostly pedestrian mostly i was asked to come here today to bless the power pole a preacher a shaman just bow your heads with me for a few seconds we think it s a historical first we ve checked the internet we ve checked records and we ve never found a blessing of a power pole there was a feast natpop -- music fade out after a couple of seconds and a mariachi singer -- to top it off it s a party to remember and this just might become a new new mexico tradition natpop it s been enjoyable thank you back to singing gracias the hubberts say the big bash cost less than five hundred bucks no word yet on what s in store for their house warming party

Friday, March 12, 2010

Details released in impostor deputy case

the story of an accused deputy imposter is getting more bizarre orlando jaramillo is now accused of using a fake badge to get into a fundraiser for officers and firefighters misa maruyama joins us live to explain how---for awhile anyway --- his charade worked misa this man was arrested for pulling over an undercover deputy while pretending to be an officer himself but newly released search warrants show what else orlando jaramillo may have been up to-- when illegally wearing a badge mr jaramillo approached us under the auspice that he would help our charity and anytime we can get help you know we re open to it obviously we re going to have to be somewhat hypercritical at this point -- hypercritical after a camera worth more than one thousand bucks went missing the night orlando jaramillo attended a charity fundraiser for firefighters law enforcement officers and military personnel investigators did not find the non-profit s camera at jaramillo s house -- but did find tasers and guns like this here s a 12 gauge shotgun from mossburg nat of gun deputies also found at least eight guns including glocks and a revolver reminiscent of the wild west all of these guns that you re bringing up as far as the 12 gauge and the glocks those are all commonly used in many law enforcement agencies a search warrant shows investigators found torrance and santa fe deputy badges in jaramillo s home as well as badges from eddy valencia and bernalillo county sheriff s departments columbus and albuquerque police jicarilla corrections and sandoval detention center mike trompak supplies those badges--- he thinks jaramillo swiped them right under his nose i m glad he finally got a uniform from bernalillo county it just wasn t the color he wanted according to a search warrant -- jaramillo spent most of his time at the b-c-s-o north area command center investigators think he stole several things from the department -- including a flash drive with sheriff s office information

Gibbs Makes Due on a Bet With Canada

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs donned a Canadian hockey jersey at the daily briefing on Friday and sent beer to the prime minister of Canada to pay back a bet from the Olympics March 12

Phoenix Lights Still Unsolved 13 Years Later

The mystery of the Phoenix Lights remains unsolved 13 years after they were sighted over Valley skies

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This show is a bunch of bull

This show is a bunch of bull