Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April fools prank

Some Fargo students and administrators are in hot water with some angry parents after a prank over prom Good afternoon I am Sarah Gustin thanks for joining us The April Fools joke of prom being canceled at Fargo North High School spread quickly from teenagers to parents which led to countless complaints Hours after the prank started then ended school and district leaders still won t say much Some say this joke is already negative publicity Others say they re in enough trouble so they won t go on camera Reporter Travis Skonseng has more BYTE-Definitely a bigger reaction than we expected TRACK 1-Student Council President Kim Henze says she didn t mean to offend anyone But that s exactly what happened BYTE-We started brain storming ideas what we could do A prank we could pull on the school TRACK 2-The council made up of 30 students came up with the joke to cancel prom because of previous problems weeks ago BYTE-It was the most likely to get a reaction TRACK 3-Henze calls this time of year boring so she thought this would be fun The school s principals okayed the prank In fact it was the assistant principal who announced it on the intercom BYTE-They okayed it We got the exact words that we wanted said We got that approved and we just went through with it TRACK 4-The prank which was to last five hours only lasted one Stunned students mainly girls excited for the big night immediately told their parents Their parents then complained BYTE-It seemed like a lot of people were secretly texting TRACK 5-Senior Emily Beierle was excited to go to her first and last prom She still hadn t picked out a dress BYTE-and then when I found out it was a joke I didn t think it was funny either because so many people were like crying and really upset TRACK 6-Other students say the school administration has never pulled a prank before and this went too far BYTE-If they did it on April Fools Day I think it would have been kind of fair but today it s just like no no no no no TRACK 7-The prank is the talk of the halls Students and parents angry they had spent hundreds of dollars on dresses Now one of those students behind it says she d do it again BYTE-I think so but I think I might change the prank Maybe not as serious of one Principal would not go on camera saying this is the first time in 18 years he has said no to an interview School District leaders and two other Fargo North administrators declined an interview Prom will still go on April 24th

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