Friday, March 12, 2010

Details released in impostor deputy case

the story of an accused deputy imposter is getting more bizarre orlando jaramillo is now accused of using a fake badge to get into a fundraiser for officers and firefighters misa maruyama joins us live to explain how---for awhile anyway --- his charade worked misa this man was arrested for pulling over an undercover deputy while pretending to be an officer himself but newly released search warrants show what else orlando jaramillo may have been up to-- when illegally wearing a badge mr jaramillo approached us under the auspice that he would help our charity and anytime we can get help you know we re open to it obviously we re going to have to be somewhat hypercritical at this point -- hypercritical after a camera worth more than one thousand bucks went missing the night orlando jaramillo attended a charity fundraiser for firefighters law enforcement officers and military personnel investigators did not find the non-profit s camera at jaramillo s house -- but did find tasers and guns like this here s a 12 gauge shotgun from mossburg nat of gun deputies also found at least eight guns including glocks and a revolver reminiscent of the wild west all of these guns that you re bringing up as far as the 12 gauge and the glocks those are all commonly used in many law enforcement agencies a search warrant shows investigators found torrance and santa fe deputy badges in jaramillo s home as well as badges from eddy valencia and bernalillo county sheriff s departments columbus and albuquerque police jicarilla corrections and sandoval detention center mike trompak supplies those badges--- he thinks jaramillo swiped them right under his nose i m glad he finally got a uniform from bernalillo county it just wasn t the color he wanted according to a search warrant -- jaramillo spent most of his time at the b-c-s-o north area command center investigators think he stole several things from the department -- including a flash drive with sheriff s office information

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