Friday, March 26, 2010

Aztec celebrates alien history

ufo s are often associated with roswell -- but this weekend -- a city in the four corners is also making its mark on alien research erisa nakano reports from aztec where the alien gathering is already underway people that want to go out to the crash site will be coming down this way it s not your typical hike this weekend -- people can take a walk -- to a site in aztec where some researchers say a u-f-o crashed in march of 1948 just nine months after the roswell incident it s a lot of fun i ve been interested in this since i was a teenager so it s fun to be involved it s a part of aztec s 13th annual u-f-o symposium researchers and visitors from across the countryare gathering -- to talk about the alleged alien encounters and sightings i thought it would be fun to come out here and see what we could see as far as what the ufo crash site is buying a ticket to the event -- helps raise money for the local library the event brings in about 5000- dollars each year people are welcome to come out and walk around

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