Saturday, March 13, 2010

Celebration centers around power pole

you would think a dignitary was in valencia county today a quiet lot south of los lunas came alive with skydivers a parade a feast of mexican food and a mariachi singer misa maruyama joins us live to explain what was at the center of the celebration in this polarizing time -- there s nothing like a neighborhood party to bring people together especially when you have something really special to celebrate approximately four minutes oh cool oh wow skydivers over valencia county yay oh my god slow down this stunt man pulls it together wow perfect landing and he must because today he s honoring a special guest everybody over here we re going to bless the power pole and start this celebration that s right a power pole we had a tough time getting a power pole and we waited and waited and waited if you call a long wait two months they may not be the most patient couple -- but these folks know how to hatch a plan they had to get juice to the property before they could build their home so they decided to put the pressure on once we said we re having a celebration on the 13th of march high noon and voila they got the pole what s a pole party without a parade and a horse it was mostly pedestrian mostly i was asked to come here today to bless the power pole a preacher a shaman just bow your heads with me for a few seconds we think it s a historical first we ve checked the internet we ve checked records and we ve never found a blessing of a power pole there was a feast natpop -- music fade out after a couple of seconds and a mariachi singer -- to top it off it s a party to remember and this just might become a new new mexico tradition natpop it s been enjoyable thank you back to singing gracias the hubberts say the big bash cost less than five hundred bucks no word yet on what s in store for their house warming party

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