Friday, October 30, 2009

Raw Festival for the True Choc-aholic

From sculptures to costumes everything at this New York festival is a tasty treat That s because it s all made out of chocolate Oct 30

Motorized La-Z-Boy Used in DUI Now on eBay

A motorized La-Z-Boy that was used in a drunk driving accident in Minnesota has been put up for auction But the original owner and alleged drunk driver is angry Oct 30

Touring polygamy town

ST GEORGE Utah ABC 4 News - Two brothers are offering outsiders an inside look at the largest polygamist community in North America

Days of Our Favre

Hilarious story about a Des Moines DJ that wrote a song about Favre

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rubber Band Ball Weighs Over 10,000 Lbs

It took him five years but a Florida man s rubber band ball officially made its way onto the record books

Steve 'Punkinhead' Stucker

Steve Stucker Halloween pets

Tim Begs For People To Buy His Cookies

Tim giving away incentives

Snowbird Manatee Flies to Balmy Miami for Winter

Ilya a wayward manatee facing death in frigid New Jersey waters made it safely back to his native Miami this afternoon Ilya was flown to the Miami Seaquarium where he plunged into 81-degree water Oct 29

Florida Man Creates Giant Rubber Band Ball

A Fla man spent almost five years wrapping and linking and stretching about 730 000 rubber bands of various sizes into this ball Ripley s Believe it or Not will put it on display at Ripley s museum in Orlando

Raw Town Hosts Halloween Coffin Race

The small town of Manitou Springs Colorado held it s 15th Annual Coffin Races last weekend There was a parade of hearses coffins and costumed characters along the town s Main Street Oct 29

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Share a Grave With a Stranger?

A London cemetery is urging strangers to share double-decker graves to ease a space crisis But the practice may run up against a British cultural aversion 29 October 2009

New Robot Inspired by Spiderman

Meet spiderbot a cable-suspended-robot inspired by the Marvel Comics superhero Israeli developers hope the robot can be used to handle cargo and maybe in rescue work in the future OCt 29

Dog Wed


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whale Shark Found Dead in Manila Bay

A dead 15-foot whale shark was found floating in the shallow waters of Manila Bay early on Wednesday off the coast of the Philippines 28 October 2009

88-year-old Walks 10,000 Miles

An 88-year-old woman has walked 10-thousand miles in memory of her late husband He died from Alzheimer s disease 11 years ago Oct 28

Man Tapes Smuggled Snakes to His Skin

A man was has been arrested in Norway for trying to smuggle two dozen snakes and geckos into the country by hiding them in bags under his clothes Oct 27

Giant Stagecoach Created From Something Tiny

An Indiana man known as Mr Toothpick spends years piecing together slivers of wood to create a stagecoach Oct 27

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gross, Scary, Sexy Top Halloween Costume Picks

What s hot in Halloween costumes this year The AP s Bonny Ghosh looks at everything from a sexy straightjacket to a costume that lets you beat up Bernie Madoff

Man Stuffs 16 Giant Cockroaches In Mouth

A Michigan pet store employee stuffs 16 Madagascar hissing cockroaches into his mouth to set a new Guinness World Record for that category

Trick or Treat Spending Down

When it comes to retailers Halloween is the second biggest shopping season of the year But this Halloween may be scary business for some retailers as many cash strapped people are cutting back

World's Oldest Dog Nearly 21-years-old

The Guinness Book of World Records has certified Otto of Shrewsbury England as the world s oldest dog at nearly 21-years-old Oct 25

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lithuanian Pets Hit the Runway in Fashion

Pet owners in Kaunas Lithuania celebrated Halloween early with a fashion show for their dogs The top prize was 200 U S dollars Oct 24

Small explosion inside home puts man in hospital

Fire crews were called to Burrillville for a report of an explosion leaving one man covered in soot and ash

Raw Fashion Goes to the Dogs

No word if dogs like dressing up for Halloween but many pooch owners in Lithuania hit the runaway with their dressed up canine to compete in a Halloween costume contest A bee look-alike took the top prize Oct 24

Friday, October 23, 2009

Flight 188

Flight flew over the airport and was not in contact with ground officials for over an hour

Library games

Visit http www fox11online com for the full story

Religious Ritual Death Analysis

Doctor Young-Key Kim-Renaud professor of Korean Language and Cultural International Affairs at George Washington University has more on the investigation into whether a Korean-American Rayoung Kim died last year from injuries sustained in a religious ritual or exorcism

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pastor Fights To Burn Bibles

A pastor wants to burn bibles as part of a Halloween ritual but the law may stop his controversial plan

41 Compete for Monopoly World Title

The top monopoly players from 41 countries met in Las Vegas this week to compete in the Monopoly World Championship A 19-year-old from Norway took top honors Oct 22

First Look - Windows 7 Whopper

As Cross Promotion for Windows 7 Burger King s Seven Layer Patty Burger on Sale for Seven Days in Japan for 777 Yen Bloomberg News

Snazzy Dress on a Budget?

Bloomberg Reporter Matt Miller Investigates at a Local Syms Bloomberg News

Larry pre interview

Larry pre interview

Appliances Only the Maytag Repairman Would Love

Maytag gave an Oklahoma woman a brand new washer and dryer in exchange for her working set which dates back to 1957 and is pink Oct 22

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Roman Candle Shot At Fan Climbing Tree

A guy climbing a tree trunk at Broad and Shunk streets becomes the target of someone else shooting off Roman candle fireworks during the post-game celebrations early Thursday morning

Explosives detonated west of Ogden

The explosives found in an Ogden home last week were detonated Wednesday afternoon The explosion sent one piece of material nearly 50 feet into the air

Caught on Tape: Dog Makes Daring Escape

Surveillance cameras captured a German shepherd getting out of his kennel unlocking a door and then escaping a New York animal hospital through a door Oct 21

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dallas Woman Finds Actress' Wallet

A North Texas woman who did a simple good deed ended up with a reward she would never have dreamed of The twist involved a celebrity couple who s spending time in Texas

Man drops serious coin on shoes; Police on lookout

Man drops serious coin on shoes Police on lookout

Raw Gunman Prays With Clerk

Police say a gunman spent nearly 10 minutes on his knees praying with the clerk at an Indianapolis check cashing business before fleeing with her cell phone and 20 from the register Oct 20

Monday, October 19, 2009

Teen Goes for Record Trip

16 year Old Australian Embarks on Solo World Tour Sailing Trip Bloomberg News

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another example that moms are all the same

Another example that moms are all the same

French exchange students share gift with Steve

French exchange students share gift with Steve

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Balloon Boy saga continues

Balloon Boy saga continues Reported by Jay Gray with NBC News

Raw Car Meets Roof in Australia

Australian police on Sunday were investigating how a car ended up wedged in the roof of a house in north west Sydney Oct 18

Dramatic video as bus slams into car

a car turns before an albuquerque bus---the bus then hits the car-hits a light pole and rams a pillar under i-25 the crash happened just before six at central and i-25 in albuquerque about a dozen people were on the bus -- when it hit the car again you are watching as bus smacks right into the car at the moment of impact here s a look at the damage caused by the crash transit officials say the bus smashed into the car after the car turned in front of the bus the impact sent both the bus and the car through a light pole --- the car became sandwiched between the underpass and the bus it took firefighters two hours to pull the driver of the car out 7 15 the seats in the back came up that s where i was sitting and came down on my leg so i just got that off i wanted to make sure everyone else was alright and got off the bus alright as soon as they did that i ran to the guy in the car he was talking and everything but i don t know if he s going to be so well here is another angle inside the bus at the time of the collision people are tossed around inside no word on the condition of car s driver the bus driver was shaken up but is ok one passenger on the bus suffered minor injures

Friday, October 16, 2009

Geeks Unite at NYC Comic-Con

A three-day love-in devoted to pop culture opened Friday with William Shatner unveiling his new comic book and fans geeking out on the latest video games toys and electronics Oct 17

Was balloon chase a hoax?

An unbelievable drama unfolded over the skies of Colorado on Thursday

An experimental balloon soaring thousands of feet in-the-air reportedly with a six-year-old boy inside

But the story took a twist when the boy was eventually found hiding in the attic of the family s garage

It all began with a gut-wrenching report that little 6-year-old Falcon Heene was trapped inside his father s experimental helium balloon

First his neighbors and then the nation tracked the homemade flying saucer as it raced across the Colorado plains climbing to more than 7 000 feet

Then almost 2-hours into its flight the balloon began to slowly lose helium and in turn momentum ultimately landing harmlessly in an open field 50-miles from the Heene home

But touch down only served to extend the agony

Sheriff s deputies quickly learned Falcon was not inside

Recovery teams re-traced the balloon s path this time looking down instead of up and like his family fearing the worst

The only thing I could think of was did he fall out said Richard Henne the boy s father

Another two hours passed and with crews running out of places to look this unbelievable story took another bizarre twist

He just walked up to us it was like a miracle to me said Mayumi Henne the boy s mother

It seems Falcon s accent had only reached as high as the top of his family s home

Where were you Attic Why were you in the attic I was scared said the six year old falcon

But there are some who now question whether it was fear or fame that kept falcon in the attic for more than 4 hours suggesting that the event was a publicity stunt

Richard Heene vehemently denied the allegations Friday morning on the Today Show

Absolutely not absolutely not and now I m starting to get ticked off because I m getting asked this and um what do I have to gain from this I m not selling anything said Richard Henne

In fact what Heene family says they want more than anything right now is some time away from the spotlight and on solid ground

Some have suggested that this may be a hoax a publicity stunt

It s an allegation the family strongly denies and as of now authorities say they have no evidence to suggest that is the case

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Urban Legend Truth Squad

Strange stories some sound realistic some sound ridiculous We re not talking about an episode of Fringe rather something you may hear yourself on any given day

Search continues for boy thought to be in runaway balloon

Colorado authorities are still searching for a missing 6-year-old boy thought to have taken off from his home in an experimental balloon

The balloon crash landed in a field near Fort Collins Wednesday afternoon

It had been trailed by rescuers and news crews for nearly two hours after lifting off from the backyard of the home of Richard Heene

Heene and his family were building the balloon as a family project

The family told authorities that 6-year-old Falcon Heene had slipped on board just before the craft lifted off

The balloon was not designed to hold passengers and reached altitudes greater than 6 000 feet during its flight

Raw Horse Rescued From Ariz. Hole

Fire crews spent near two hours rescuing a horse after it fell hind first into a deep hole Thursday in Pinal County Arizona Crews dug two trenched to pull the horse out Both the rider and horse appear to be in good health Oct 15

Study: Two-thirds of men don't wash after using bathroom

We ve heard a lot recently about proper hand washing

How a good scrub of warm soapy water can help ward off illnesses like the flu

But when researchers in England monitored a quarter million people in public bathrooms they found only 64-percent of women used soap when washing their hands

Men left the loo much dirtier with only a third using soap and water

The study also experimented with electronic reminders that would flash on in the bathrooms encouraging hand washing

The reminder that was most effective asked patrons this question is the person next to you washing with soap -- giving the study subjects the impression they were being watched

Wayward Moose Tranquilized in Downtown Fargo

Law enforcement and animal experts in the Fargo North Dakota area surrounded a young bull moose at a local hotel tranquilized it with a dart gun and released it in a wildlife area in northern Cass County Oct 16

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Steve shares some cool Balloon Fiesta pics

Steve Stucker shares some unique photos from this year s Balloon Fiesta

1940 U.S. Masters award found in N.M. golf bag


NM man turns hardware parts into hydrogen vehicle

A retired school teacher in Carlsbad was fed up with the price of gasoline So he turned to the Internet for help With parts from the hardware store he s now harnessing the power of hydrogen to revitalize a former gas guzzler

Eyewitness News 4 s Joe Bartels talked with the man who it s something anyone can do

Jaycee Dugard

Jaycee Dugard s photo released for the first time since her release

Protest by Garden Gnomes in Hitler Salute

A German artist uses 1 250 garden gnomes saluting in Hitler-like poses to make a point against fascism Oct 14

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Steve gets groovy for 'Boo Ball'

Steve Stucker previews the annual Boo Ball s 70s theme

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thurman Thomas Statue

Thurman Thomas Statue

Strange lights captured on video in Bridgeton

A viewer emailed KMOV cell phone video of strange lights that passed over North St Louis county between 8 35-8 48pm Sunday night Eyewitnesses say they saw 7 sets of lights flying two by two at an altitude slightly higher than the altitude of helicopters but too low for and airplane No noise could be heard and the objects seemed to alternate colors from red to orange

$235,000 Falls From Faulty Armored Car in Taiwan

A Taiwanese motorcyclist returned three bags which contained an estimated 235 000 after they fell from an armored car in downtown Taipei Oct 12

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ay Carumba! Marge Simpson Is on Playboy Cover

Marge Simpson has done something that Homer might not like but will make Bart the proudest kid in his school She s posed for Playboy magazine becoming the first cartoon character to ever appear on the cover of the magazine Oct 9

Playboy News Briefs

Marge Simpson in Playboy New Girls Next Door Debuts Bloomberg News

Triathletes Blow Off Steam in Their Underpants

Triathletes getting ready for Saturday s Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii stripped down for the annual Underwear Run through the streets of Kailua-Kona Oct 9

Snake Suns Itself on Apartment Roof

A 5-foot snake has caused quite a scene since it was spotted last week sunning itself on the roof of a Massachusetts apartment building Oct 9

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Academy Chargers bolt to 5-0 start

Academy Chargers bolt to 5-0 start

Carrot? Banana? Vending Machine Offers Choices

When many Americans get the urge for something quick to eat they usually head to the break room or the lunch room for a candy bar or bag of chips but now some companies are offering a healthier choice Oct 8

Afternoon Business News Briefs

Twitter Feeds Delayed Presidents Cup Underway MLB Playoffs Underway French Spiderman Climbs Again Miami Tops List in Beauty Contest

Airline Discount Flies Away

British Airway System Glitch Results in Some Passengers Getting 1500 Discount Off Round-Trip Tickets Bloomberg News

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Marathon Controversy

two runners have been disqualified from the lakefront marathon

Return of the Pumpkin

Halloween store that deflated because of the wind is back up

On the Road: Haunted Alton

Alton is considered by some to be one of the most haunted small towns in America Paranormal investigators offer guided walking tours of haunted sites and one of those investigators took our own Kristen Cornett to a few haunted hot spots

Father Accused of Chaining Son to Car Bumper

An Iowa father has been charged with child endangerment and assault after allegedly chaining his one-armed teen-age son to a car bumper to keep him from running away Oct 7

First Look - Chia Obama

CVS Pulls Commander in Chia Bloomberg News

Underwater Cabinet Meeting for Ocean Nation

Maldives government ministers are taking scuba lessons and learning underwater signs in preparation for an unprecedented Cabinet meeting at the bottom of the ocean intended to highlight the threat global warming poses to the low-lying nation Oct 7

Floating House: For sale

Check out this video of a house made to float

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pumpkin chunkers blast gourds with air cannons

If you live anywhere near Hobart and you re wondering what happened to all the mid-size pumpkins look no further than Trapper Heglin who was up early this morning getting the good ones for he and his crazy friends We re looking for something that has a pretty good shape like a basketball he says looking over the selection at the local United Grocers in Hobart It s all about having fun using what we have laying around the old farm field

Pulled up to a field beside the high school track a small but very powerful collection of machines gathers for a test run If they look like artillery pieces then that s a pretty good guess Todd Duff and his team the P Shooters are practicing the art and science of shooting pumpkins for distance and accuracy We shot a bowling ball three-quarters of a mile he boasts Compressed air and pull the trigger

It s been several years since Trapper saw some other country boys flinging pumpkins on TV He has a team now too Our team name is Cocked and Ready LLC he laughs That s Limited Liability Chunkers He helped organize the 2nd Annual Pumpkin Palooza These guns form the weekend s activities

Todd and the P-Shooters won last year s Palooza with the P-1000 but they topped themselves with another gun It ain t that you got spare time says Duff You got to make time to have fun like this So if you re really wondering where you can find all the medium size pumpkins this weekend in Hobart chances are good they re out in this field somewhere Just don t go looking too close

Gorilla Seeing Clearly After Eye Surgery

A lowland gorilla named Josephine now has the gift of sight She underwent a state-of-the-art surgery Friday at Miami s Metrozoo to remove severe cataracts and implant new lenses in each of her eyes Oct 7

Top German Mag Dumps 'skinny' Models

Germany s highest-circulation women s magazine has said it will stop working with professional models in favor of real women whose bodies better resemble those of its readers Oct 6

First Look - Craz-E Burger

At 1500 Calories Craz-E Burger Packs a Punch Bloomberg News

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Degree Focuses Entirely on Beatles

Fans and student of The Beatles now have a chance to get a Masters Degree in everything about the Fab Four Liverpool Hope University has started offering the courses which take 12-weeks to complete Oct 6

The Hottest Chilli Pepper Ever?

The mild climate of the south coast of England seems an unlikely place to grow chilli peppers But a couple of market gardeners have produced one of the world s hottest chillies the Dorset Naga Oct 06

Special Report - A New Gold Rush

Spotlight on Sandboarding in South Africa Bloomberg News

Mona Lisa & Freedom Frites

McDonald s Now Available in Louvre Bloomberg News

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Raw Blessing of the Animals

From bulldogs to parakeets dozens gathered with their pets on the steps of the Washington National Cathedral for the annual blessing of the animals Oct 4

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pulling FedEx cargo plane to benefit MS

25 local groups gathered at T F Green to try and pull a cargo delivery jet in a benefit event

Flash Wins Annual Tortoise Race

A tortoise named Flash clobbered his 2 competitors at the annual Zoo Run in Tulsa Oklahoma His prize Some yummy snacks Oct 3

Friday, October 2, 2009

Family: 5-Year-Old Catches an 800-Pound Gator

A 5-year-old Texas boy caught an 800 pound alligator while hunting with his dad and a family friend Oct 2

Granny Fights Off Bear With Pillow

A Colorado grandmother has quite a story to tell after fighting off a momma bear that got into her bedroom Oct 2

Raw Chris Paul's Impossible Shot

New Orleans Hornets star Chris Paul shows off his ingenuity by making a shot off a ceiling rafter that even bounces on the floor before it goes in Oct 2

Thursday, October 1, 2009

smiley pepper

pepper with a smile

smiling pepper

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911 dispatcher gets call that hits home

One Massachusetts 911 operator received an emergency call that really hit home -- because it was his home that was on fire