Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dramatic video as bus slams into car

a car turns before an albuquerque bus---the bus then hits the car-hits a light pole and rams a pillar under i-25 the crash happened just before six at central and i-25 in albuquerque about a dozen people were on the bus -- when it hit the car again you are watching as bus smacks right into the car at the moment of impact here s a look at the damage caused by the crash transit officials say the bus smashed into the car after the car turned in front of the bus the impact sent both the bus and the car through a light pole --- the car became sandwiched between the underpass and the bus it took firefighters two hours to pull the driver of the car out 7 15 the seats in the back came up that s where i was sitting and came down on my leg so i just got that off i wanted to make sure everyone else was alright and got off the bus alright as soon as they did that i ran to the guy in the car he was talking and everything but i don t know if he s going to be so well here is another angle inside the bus at the time of the collision people are tossed around inside no word on the condition of car s driver the bus driver was shaken up but is ok one passenger on the bus suffered minor injures

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