Friday, October 16, 2009

Was balloon chase a hoax?

An unbelievable drama unfolded over the skies of Colorado on Thursday

An experimental balloon soaring thousands of feet in-the-air reportedly with a six-year-old boy inside

But the story took a twist when the boy was eventually found hiding in the attic of the family s garage

It all began with a gut-wrenching report that little 6-year-old Falcon Heene was trapped inside his father s experimental helium balloon

First his neighbors and then the nation tracked the homemade flying saucer as it raced across the Colorado plains climbing to more than 7 000 feet

Then almost 2-hours into its flight the balloon began to slowly lose helium and in turn momentum ultimately landing harmlessly in an open field 50-miles from the Heene home

But touch down only served to extend the agony

Sheriff s deputies quickly learned Falcon was not inside

Recovery teams re-traced the balloon s path this time looking down instead of up and like his family fearing the worst

The only thing I could think of was did he fall out said Richard Henne the boy s father

Another two hours passed and with crews running out of places to look this unbelievable story took another bizarre twist

He just walked up to us it was like a miracle to me said Mayumi Henne the boy s mother

It seems Falcon s accent had only reached as high as the top of his family s home

Where were you Attic Why were you in the attic I was scared said the six year old falcon

But there are some who now question whether it was fear or fame that kept falcon in the attic for more than 4 hours suggesting that the event was a publicity stunt

Richard Heene vehemently denied the allegations Friday morning on the Today Show

Absolutely not absolutely not and now I m starting to get ticked off because I m getting asked this and um what do I have to gain from this I m not selling anything said Richard Henne

In fact what Heene family says they want more than anything right now is some time away from the spotlight and on solid ground

Some have suggested that this may be a hoax a publicity stunt

It s an allegation the family strongly denies and as of now authorities say they have no evidence to suggest that is the case

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