Friday, March 26, 2010

Dismembered giraffe mishap blamed on 'bad judgment'

officials are considering disciplinary action -- after the giraffe s body was dumped improperly kashka was euthanized eight days ago at the albuquerque bio- rk officials say zoo construction employees bagged kashka s dismembered body then one of them dumped the bag in a dumpster at the zoo it s protocol to take bodies of large animals to the landfill according to a third-party investigation -- there were several causes for the mis-hap it appears to me we have a series of things we have a series of miscommunications we have a series of bad judgements by individuals who work for the city and we have some long-standing protocol that needs to be fixed the employee reportedly asked a manager if he could leave kashka s body in a dumpster because no dump truck was available his manager told him -- and that he could place it the open top -- meaning he could take it to the landfill in the bed of pick-up truck but the employee thought the manager meant he could leave the body in an open dumpster officials say no one will be fired because this stemmed from a mis-understanding instead of insubordination

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