Thursday, March 26, 2015

Does the Vibration of a Jet's Engine Cause Madness?

As a recent attendee of the GongLab and someone with a serious interest in the effects of sound and vibration on the brain, I can't help but wonder if there is a possibility that the frequency of a jet engine is actually dangerous to certain people and can't help but wonder if some of the recent air-disaster mysteries are the result...

There are no YouTube playlists of train passengers going completely berserk; while simple searches for going "Crazy on a Plane" seem to return TONS of videos where a flight's passenger, crew, or even pilot seems to come completely unhinged....

I put a 10 video examples below...  It's easy to note that the commonality in many of these videos is the thick drone of the engines' vibration.

Take look:

The "God you're my savior" meltdown - A flight attendant eventually asks male fliers to help block woman during meltdown in case she tries to get near the doors.

The cigarette smoking professor determined to expose the US's "war on Venezuela"

Never say this on a plane! I won't even write it, see for yourself:

It even happens to flight attendants and staff ... In the following video, a flight attendant screams that "she has to kill the passengers before takeoff"...

Even pilots?

"Help me, I am going to die today... Are you going to shoot me now?"

Some breakdowns are less violent, but still strange and embarrassing...

Attempting to open the door seems to be a common goal...

Some unfortunate folks will even be accused of attempted hijacking

Many people might chalk up this reaction to simple fear; but it looks like he's actually being oppressed by something tangible like the vibration of the engine:

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