Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Berry's mustache a rarity in politics

there has been a lot of talk about albuquerque mayor richard berry s somewhat surprising election victory
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06 16 pm and there s an element to the new mayor that makes him a bit of a political rarity his mustache stuart dyson is downtown with more on how richard berry has defied the odds - by winning office with hair on his upper lip a wise man - okay a wise guy - once said the only thing rarer in politics than a man with a mustache is a woman with a mustache - but richard berry has never considered mowing it down and shaving it off berry is only the second republican mayor in albuquerque s modern form of government - but he s the first one with a mustache take a look at his predecessors going back to the early seventies - nary a mustache in the bunch - and not a one for years before that say oldtimers who remember the ancient days of the city commission government proof of mustache unpopularity - only one in the entire u s senate - it belongs to
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06 17 pm senator roland burris of illinois i interrogated the new mayor about this hairy issue i grew it when i was 18 years old - i ve had it ever since - my mom likes it and my wife likes it and that s all that matters to me q it s not going anywhere a i don t believe so q mr gillette is not gonna have his way with you a you know - i am what i am stu - and that s part of the package i guess for some reason evil dictators like mustaches - here s joe stalin here s saddam hussein in more recent times and who can forget this guy - the king of dictator stashes good guys had em too - like president teddy roosevelt and big bill taft - the last mustache guy elected president - and that was 1908 we can t leave this issue without mentioning our most obscure president - chester a arthur - look at them whiskers and how about old kaiser bill of germany - beat that mister berry okay - we left out bill richardson - but
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06 18 pm that s a beard - separate category - and besides - he grew it after getting elected - at city hall stuart dyson eyewitness news four

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