Friday, April 2, 2010

Police look to motive in body parts case

albuquerque police are saying they may know why donated body parts ended up at a kansas facility and as for the parts that didn t go to kansas police say they found organs limbs and heads -- still inside biocare during a search this week misa maruyama joins us from bio- care near alameda and louisiana with more misa police say they found some bodies intact - and some dismembered some of them rotting because of a freezer that wasn t working people who trusted loved ones to bio-care are wondering if their family members are those that were found here sharon frausto was told she d get her husband s remains tuesday but still doesn t know where they are 04 23 it s just an empty feeling there s nothing out there for me to claim there s nothing for me to hold on to there s no gravestone there s no urn there s nothing for me and i would like to have that closure 04 38 the company that received her husband s body -- bio care -- sells body parts to medical facilities then gets them back cremates the body and returns the ashes to families the company owner-- 31-year-old paul montano -- is facing three counts of fraud for failing to give back the remains as promised police say it costs 900 dollars to cremate a single body but they say stericycle in kansas could do it for less 30 58 what we speculate is that maybe there was some kind of financial problems or some kind of issue where he was just trying to cut corners and he did not want to pay the money to cremate the bodies 31 11 14 08 the guy was overwhelmed and underfunded and got himself way over his head and made some very strange decisions 14 15 these two sisters still don t know whatc c c c c c c c c ccc c c c happened to their mother s body after donating it to bio-care 13 51 i m very angry at the deception if i saw paul right now i d have some not very nice things to say to him police say some bodies are still here at bio-care o-m-i says it couldn t find space for all of them -- but says they are properly preserved here

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