Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Real Clayton Bigsby? Video Interview with the Black Man who Joined the Kolorado Ku Klux Klan - Ron Stallworth!

Although it sounds like something out of a Mel Brooks movie, it was actually an undercover police mission to gather intelligence about the plans of the Klans and the mission landed squarely in the lap of Officer Ron Stallworth who pulled it off and actually prevented 3 hate crimes in his community.

Although most of his interaction with other members was over the phone, sometimes even with David Duke himself (who boasted while on the line with Stallworth that he could always tell what color the person on the other end of a phone call was) he did have another officer 'stand in' for him when in-person meetings were required.  His in-person 'double' was actually another cop named "Chuck" who Ron jokingly refers to as "the white Ron Stallworth."

Black Klansman
The Real Ron Stallworth, The Real "Black Klansman"!

The videos below are interviews with Ron Stallworth and his interesting story of being a Black Member of the KKK!

Courtesy ABC 4 Utah

There was actually a movie called "The Black Klansman"!?!

Clayton Bigsby. 

Although the headline makes for a strange news headline, we do support and respect Ron Stallworth in his mission and can't imagine how difficult it must have been at times to not break cover and actively participate in certain conversations. Well don Ron!

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