Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Couple Bikes Across America

38 states13 thousand miles and 68 jars of peanut butter Those numbers tell the story of Aaron Beese and his wife Laurabut not the whole story The Oklahoma couple is cycling to the geographical center of all fifty states in the U-S And they recently passed through North Dakota Tom Gerhardt has the story Aaron It is interesting the things we see on the side of the road I was just thinking about that the other day Aaron and Laura Beese see all sorts of odd things But it s the husband amp amp wife couple that s hard to miss They ve been on the road for 13 monthspedaling toward a dream Laura We had been dating about 3 or 4 months and I remember that we just had this talk one night where Aron just pulls out this catalog of this bike and this map with this idea that he had been cooking up for several years to go to all 50 states and so I remember going that night and thinking wow I don t know what I m getting myself into but by the time we got married I did They ve spent their first two anniversaries on this German made tandem bikeone Laura calls a relationship accelerator But it s the freedom of the road that ties them together They ve left the 40 hour work week behind them Aaron That time may come but we just weren t ready for it yet so we decided that as long as we stayed debt free we had all the freedom in the world so we just didn t buy a house we didn t go into debt for a car we saved up some money and now we can do whatever we choose and this is what we have chosen And both say life on the road teaches valuable life lessons Aaron We ve learned that people will help you if they can The idea that the world is full of bad people doing bad things that we sometimes gather from the news or wherever we get that idea is just not an accurate portrayal of what s going on in the country And they ve also learned a lot about what s inside each of them Pedal by pedal mile by mile one day at a timeadds up to 20-thousand milesand a front row seat to the beauty of America Tom Gerhardt KX News If you re wondering the geographical center of North Dakota is near McClusky The geographical center of Rhode Island is in the middle of a music store and in Missouri it s behind a turkey barn You can follow Aaron and Laura s journey on their website It s fiftybybike com

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