Thursday, July 2, 2009

UFO Festival set to land in Roswell

THIS WEEKEND MARKS ROSWELL S 14TH ANNUAL U-F-O FESTIVAL AN EVENT THAT DRAWS ENTHUSIASTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD OUR KATIE RYAN SHOWS US WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TO SEE THIS WEEKEND AS THE FESTIVAL GETS UNDERWAY FOR MOST PEOPLE FOURTH OF JULY MEANS FIREWORKS B-BQ S AND A WHOLE LOT OF RED WHITE AND BLUE BUT IN ROSWELL THIS WEEKEND HAS PEOPLE THINKING GREEN--AS IN LITTLE GREEN MEN we were given the gift of having a unique heritage and we use that heritage to leverage ourselves with that brand IT LOOKS LIKE ROSWELL S BRAND POWER IS WORKING THE SUSSMAN FAMILY FROM GILBERT ARIZONA MADE THIS YEAR S EVENT PART OF THEIR FAMILY VACATION we heard the alien festival was going to be in town so we had to stop by roswell ORGANIZERS SAY THE ECONOMY APPEARS TO BE NO MATCH FOR CURIOSITY -- LODGING IS UP FROM LAST YEAR PEOPLE COMING TO TOWN FOR THE FESTIVAL ARE EXCITED TO SEE WHO ELSE MAKES THE TRIP if I get a chance i d like to get around town and see what else is going on ALONG WITH THE ANNUAL PARADE VISITORS CAN EXPECT TO SEE MORE THAN JUST ALIENS we have marvel comics characters coming we have jefferson starship which will be amazing it s not just the chamber of commerce that s getting into the action Homemade signs like this can be found all over Roswell the mayors initiative is to involve our residents so we have a pool of over 50 thousand we ll be bringing into this festival WITH LOCALS GETTING INTO THE SPIRIT THIS WEEKEND SHOULD PROVE TO BE QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT just seeing the people is enough I mean it s fun to go watch the people It really is THE U-F-O FESTIVAL WRAPS UP THIS SUNDAY REPORTING IN ROSWELL KATIE RYAN EYEWITNESS NEWS FOUR

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