Sunday, September 6, 2009

Car crashes into apartment, lands on toddler's bed

car comes crashing through their bedroom---- the tires rolling right on top of the toddler s bed it happened at an apartment near tramway and lomas that s where jeff maher is live with our top story jeff the crash left a hole in the side of the building neighbors on this street say it s a miracle that nobody was killed or seriously injured in the accident -- especially since an 8-month-old boy was asleep in his crib inside the room that the car came crashing through take a look at this video - it is incredible a four-door mitsubishi - take a look at this video - it is incredible a four-door mitsubishi - sitting on top of a 2-year-old girl s bed we re told the girl had been sleeping in that bed just minutes before the crash but had woken up and her mother had taken her to another room just by chance the baby was still in the crib - - the front of the car actually hit the crib but the baby only suffered minor injuries immediately after the crash neighbors converged on the apartment getting the baby and the driver out of the room police say the driver somehow lost control of the car as she was cruising the neighborhood looking for a dog in distress - - - -drove across a driveway and went airborne into the apartment the landlord of the building along with many others are in total disbelief neighbors were worried the crash was going to cause a fire either from the car or the building - so they pulled the fuses from the car because the fuel pump was still running and turned off the gas main to the apartment police say they do not believe alcohol was to blame for the accident -ut they have taken the driver in for questioning and medical observation she has not yet been charged

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