Friday, September 11, 2009

Man's joyride in police cruiser caught on tape

a man in the four corners area is accused of taking off in a police car and now we re seeing how it happened erisa nakano is live in our farmington bureau to explain how the man got into the car in the first place erisa according to this report deputies responded to calls that minors were drinking in the hills of aztec over labor day weekend but they didn t expect to have one of their car s stolen this is dashcam video just released it shows one of the party-goers hopping in the vehicle and driving away the man was identified as 21- year-old matthew anderson one of the deputies left the car running -- when investigators say anderson jumped in we leave them running just so that our cameras and other emergency equipment don t inadvertantly shut off because sometimes we re out there for hours at a time deputies say anderson didn t go too far beforhe pulled over when investigators asked him why he drove away in the deputy car he reportedly said he thought it would be fun live from the farmington bureau erisa nakano

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