Monday, September 14, 2009

Tom Joles explains his black eye

those of you who watch eyewitness news 4 on a regular basis have undoubtedly noticed our tom joles has been off the air for nearly a week he s actually been working---but behind the scenes---because of a colorful little problem he has he joins us now to briefly explain what s going on
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10 18 pm nicole and joe this is what s going on--a big black eye while it looks like someone punched me this is actually the result of a medical condition i spent time in the e-r last tuesday morning and then saw a sinus specialist later that day and have been told everything is fine now while nicole keeps kidding me that i look like a hideous monster---i m actually getting better isn t that right nicole while i would love to be anchoring right now i don t want to be a distraction so while i wait for this to go away i invite you to enjoy the much better looking guys filling in for me---joe vigil and eric kahnert stay tuned hope to see you again soon

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