Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chicken flies into city council meeting

a recent durango city council meeting was for the birds an amusing guest catches councilors by surprise -- stirring up a ruckus in the council chambers our four corners reporter erisa nakano has more on the case of the mysterious chicken during a city council meeting in durango--councilo rs were focused and serious--until they were interrupted by an unexpected visitor he clucked around a little bit he did one of these moves this recording of tuesday s city council meeting shows that it wasn t what anyone had in mind haha an unidentified chicken came to our city council meeting tuesday night in the middle of an executive session--a person dressed in a chicken costume made a lasting impression i hope the viewing audience understands that there is a chicken in the audience the chicken attended the meeting to show support for an ordinance that was being talked about if it passes--owning chickens could become legal in the city of durango it wasn t a threatening chicken or anything like that durango mayor pro tem michael rendon introduced the chicken ordinance a year and a half ago he says the chicken was very informed it was kind of nice to add a little mor it wasn t an exciting meeting to begin with and in general i actually found it refreshing to add humor to our regular meetings the person behind the mask remains a mystery when the meeting was over the chicken got up squawked around a little bit laid an egg and left

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