Monday, November 2, 2009

Two attorneys held in contempt by judge

Drunk driving suspect George Padilla has everything and nothing to do with a strange day in court on Monday
First his attorney Roman Romero lost a motion to have the case thrown out
Judge Rachel Walker-Al-Yasi then ordered a jury trial because the case is two days away from being dismissed due to the statute of limitations
That s when Romero said he was too sick to move forward
The courtroom tapes tell the rest Romero began to leave the courtroom but the judge wouldn t have it believing his so-called sickness was a ploy to delay
Judge Rachel Walker Al-Yasi Because I want to go to trial and you have decided to violate a direct order I m not putting up with this no You said enough be quiet Be quiet You want someone to bring your medical records you should have had a plan ah ah ah ah you should have had a plan for someone Shut up Shut up The more you talk the deeper you get
Romero was then detained for contempt of court
Then his attorney Dennis Montoya arrived hours later with prescription bottles and a doctor s note
Montoya I repeat your honor you are not competent to practice medicine
Judge Walker Al-Yasi Okay I want you to sit down until you can reconsider your attitude in addressing the court
Montoya Your honor you and the court are not competent to practice medicine
Montoya We request to proceed your honor
Eventually Montoya was thrown out
Montoya Your honor this is an outrage your honor your honor Don t do this judge
Montoya says he plans to file a complaint with the judicial standards commission
He told our cameras If the attorney is too sick and on pain medications on hydrocodone and muscle relaxants and feels well enough to do a 10 minute motion hearing but doesn t feel well enough to do a three-day trial that s the last word on it
The judge pointed out that if Romero was so highly-medicated he had no business being in court
As for Romero he says it wasn t a ploy to delay the case
I d rather go to jail than allow my client to suffer an unfair trial he said
Back to the drunk driving case it s been pushed back and it s still possible it will go to trial
All parties have agreed to continue the case
In the meantime the two attorneys will have to go stand before the judge and explain why they shouldn t be held in contempt

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